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Get Involved!

Many things still have to happen before Swirl and I can set off to sail around the world. There are upgrades to do to Swirl herself. I must bolster my social media presence so the project gets the visibility it so deserves. As well as many other tasks, some of which maybe you can help with! Continue reading for how you can help! (And no, it's not just a pitch for money.)

Breakdown of project requirements

Detail of costs

I want to be as open and transparent as possible with the cost break down for this project. Last winter I spent ~$26k refitting the interior of the boat and making some major upgrades. This means that there is not much left to do, but there are a few things. Here is a detailed cost list:

Upgrades to Swirl:

  • Haulout and bottom paint ($2,200)

Consumables estimates:

  • Food for 22 months at sea ($8,800)

  • Emergency and tracking beacons ($3,920)

  • Fuel ($500)

Emergency fund ($10,000)

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