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2020-2021 Interior Refit

In October of 2020 I hauled Swirl out of the water, dismantled the entire interior, and rebuilt the cruiser-racer of my dreams. A spartan race boat became a cozy home and fast world cruiser.

Swirl today (May 2022)

Logically, the next step was to begin to rebuild. I carefully used a sharpie and cardboard to template the complex shapes before cutting the final pieces from plywood. I then painstakingly fiber-glassed all the surfaces of the plywood and filled all the endgrain with epoxy to stave off any future rot.

The next step was painting. I feel like I painted for 3 months. I keyed all the surfaces, primed and painted with TotalBoat Topside Blueglo White paint. I am thrilled with the results, but it did take a week to dry in the low temperatures.

I filled a thru hull, completing the structural repairs, and the space really began to come together.

I began to refit of Swirl by hauling her out of the water and removing all the rotting, 43 year old plywood.

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